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• Holiday/Christmas • First Christmas On Mars
• Brand nu Mixes - "I Wish It Would Snow" (Phobos House mix and Chill Mix)


First Christmas On Mars- C.K.B. Magnetophon
A sonic letter to Earth from the first inhabitants on Mars - Martians first Christmas. Nine songs from the Red Sphere. + Remixes and extended. I Wish It Would Snow (Christmas Eve On Mars).

"Today It's Christmas On Mars" -From the current orbit of Mars, New Christmas Mixes where transmitted from the C.K.B. Magnetophon featuring- Captain Wrightson.
The Captain is on chorale voices in a classic mixture of neo-classical/ leftfield/ tech sounds.
The Chorale sounds turn into a Helium Head space/tech journey on the extended version.
Three versions are in existence for the truly adventurous audio enthusiasts..

I Wish It Would Snow (Christmas Eve On Mars) Orch Mix- -C.K.B. Magnetophon -

New Holiday music for a new generation - on Mars...

Interplanetary Super Skate - Glide Home Session - Preview Release

I Wish It Would Snow (Christmas Eve On Mars) -C.K.B. Magnetophon - Super Salsa Nova Mix

First Christmas On Mars -C.K.B. Magnetophon - Preview Release